Order proposal

In Profit Order management, you can use order proposals. You can use these order proposals to generate purchase orders.


For an order proposal, Profit checks whether there is still enough of your articles in stock and proposes the quantities to be purchased in cases of shortfalls. Profit uses your settings to check which lines should go on the order proposal.

There are 3 sources for the lines in the order proposal:

  • Sales orders

    The entire order line or a part of it is transferred to an order proposal.

  • Stock replenishment

    The stock of an article is compared with the minimum stock entered for the article.

  • Cost estimates (Profit Projects)

    The entire cost estimate line is transferred to an order proposal. This only applies if you are using the Projects module.

You generate purchase orders for the lines in the order proposal that you then send to the purchase contact Where possible, multiple order proposal lines in an order proposal are compressed into one purchase order. You can also disable this.

You can change the quantities and the purchase contact in the order proposals before they are sent on.


Order proposals and warehouse allocation only apply for items for which stock is tracked. That means that you can only generate order proposals for articles and assembled items.


  • Configuration

    To use the order proposal process properly, you need to know what stock you want to hold for each article (as little as possible, always sufficient or something in between). You use this information to configure the order proposal per article.


  • Add a sales order with an order proposal

    Order proposal lines can originate in sales orders (as well as from a stock replenishment and/or cost estimate). If you add a line in a sales order, a check is made to see whether or not the line must be passed on to the order proposal. As soon as a line is passed on to the order proposal, you see the quantity in the Pending order quantity field.

  • Generate an order proposal

    You can generate order proposals based on stock replenishment or sales orders. This means that the quantity to be ordered is based on the quantity up to which the stock must be replenished (if you have specified this) or the quantity required to be able to deliver the sales orders for the article.

  • View the status of an order with stock shortage and an order proposal

    When the sales contact calls you, it is important that you know the status of the sales order.

  • Have a purchase contact deliver to a sales contact address using an order proposal

    Using the order proposal, you can have articles on a sales order delivered directly by the purchase contact to the sales contact delivery address. You can use this method for articles that are not frequently sold and for which you therefore do not want to hold stock. For a quick delivery, you use the order proposal to have the purchase contact deliver directly to the sales contact. In this way, you also save on shipping costs.

  • Order proposal for an article in multiple warehouses

    If you work with multiple warehouses, you can have the order proposals generated for the entire stock (central purchasing) or per warehouse.

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