Add a sales order with an order proposal

Order proposal lines can originate in sales orders (as well as from a stock replenishment and/or cost estimate). If you add a line in a sales order, a check is made to see whether or not the line must be passed on to the order proposal. As soon as a line is passed on to the order proposal, you see the quantity in the Pending order quantity field.

The article and the entry layout must be configured for this.

Add a sales order:

  1. Go to: Order Management / Sales process / Sales order.
  2. Click on: New
  3. Specify the sales contact. etc. as you usually do.
  4. Add a new line to the order and complete it.

    If you have selected the Always ask (regardless of stock shortage) option for the article, you will now be asked a question. If you have selected Ask question if stock is insufficient, you are asked a question if there is a stock shortage. If you have used the settings 'Always' or 'Remainder', you do not receive a message and the line is immediately transferred to the order proposal.

  5. If you are asked the question, determine if you want to include the sales line (or the part for which there is a stock shortage) in the order proposal. If you click on Yes, a quantity then appears in the Pending order field.
  6. Complete the order.

The order proposal now contains a purchase line for this article and you can thus generate the order proposal.

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