Order proposal for an article in multiple warehouses

If you work with multiple warehouses, you can have the order proposals generated for the entire stock (central purchasing) or per warehouse.

You can choose to purchase per warehouse or to purchase centrally for the entire stock. If you decide to purchase the stock of an article centrally (using one specific warehouse), the article is also delivered centrally. When generating an order proposal, the entire stock, irrespective of the warehouse, is included in the calculation of, for example, the stock to be replenished.

If you have not enabled Central purchasing, an order proposal is generated per warehouse. When the order proposal per warehouse is calculated, the minimum stock and the stock replenishment that you specify on the Stock tab are also replenished per warehouse. If you do not want this to happen, you must use Warehouse allocation and then deviate from the order proposal settings per warehouse.

If you want to generate order proposals for the entire stock, you first have to configure this. If you want to exclude stock replenishment per warehouse then you also have to configure this using warehouse allocation.


If you have specified a deviation of the order proposal on the article dimension then this takes priority over the setting made via the warehouse allocation (and over the base setting for the article).

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