Allocate warehouse

If you work with multiple warehouses, for articles for which you track the stock you can specify that the article can only be stored in certain warehouses. We call this Warehouse allocation. By default warehouse allocation is disabled, and all articles may be stored in all warehouses.


If you use Warehouse allocation with checks in the order process, you must allocate warehouses to all articles! If necessary, use the import for this.


For example, use Warehouse allocation if you have special warehouses. Suppose you have a warehouse in the form of a cold store and articles that must always be stored there. You can set this by allocating a warehouse to the article. You can also use warehouse allocation if you have multiple warehouses that are far apart and are intended more as stock for a shop. In this case you could use an article’s Warehouse allocation to indicate that certain shops sell some articles but not others.

If you use warehouse allocation, you can deviate from the order proposal settings for the article per article and per allocated warehouse.

The setting Deviating warehouse allowed determines whether you can enter a different warehouse in the order line (thus per article) than in the order header.

In general it is not advisable to combine Central purchasing with Warehouse allocation. Your purchases will arrive in the central warehouse and not in the specially allocated warehouses. This could lead to problems, for example, for a special warehouse in the form of a cold store, and that also applies to shop warehouses.


To allocate warehouses the Stock and Multiple warehouses functions must be activated.

  • Enable warehouse allocation

    To allocate a warehouse to an article, you must enable it in the logistics settings. There are two types of settings, namely Warehouse allocation and Warehouse allocation in order route. You usually select both options. Warehouse allocations are, if activated, always checked during the manual stock entries (entry, write off and transfer). The Warehouse allocation in order route option ensures that in the order process checks are also made as to whether the warehouse setting is correct.

  • Allocate warehouse to article

    Warehouse allocation means that the article can only be stored in the warehouses (allocated) linked to the article.

  • Delete warehouse allocation in article
  • Maintain warehouse allocation in article
  • Import warehouse allocation

    You can import warehouse allocations by selecting Order Management / Management / Import stock / Warehouse allocations.

  • Modify entry layouts for purchasing and sales

    You must add the warehouse fields to the entry layouts you use in the purchase and sales processes.

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