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Allocate a warehouse to an article

Warehouse allocation means that the article can only be stored in the warehouses (allocated) linked to the article.

You can also import the warehouses and locations by selecting Order Management / Management / Import stock / Warehouse allocations.

To set up a warehouse allocation for an article:

  1. Before you can set the warehouse allocation for the article, you must first enable the option in the Order management settings.
  2. Go to: Order Management / Item / Article.
  3. Open the properties of the article.
  4. Go to the tab: Stock.


  5. Select the Warehouse allocation check box, if it is not yet selected.
  6. Go to the tab: Warehouse allocation.
  7. Click on: New. This launches the wizard to assign the article to a new warehouse. Click on the Maintain action if you want to add or change multiple allocations one after another (using the entry layout).
  8. First save the data, if Profit asks you to.


  9. Allocate the warehouse in Warehouse.
  10. Complete the fields.
  11. If applicable, select the Deviating order proposal settings check box. In that case, the order proposal fields can also be changed. There will then be deviating settings for this warehouse.

    If an article is already in stock when you select the Warehouse allocation check box, a message appears saying that you must first write off the stock before you can allocate a warehouse to the article. Once you have completed the warehouse allocation, you canenter the stock again.

  12. In Purchase contact, select a preferred contact. You can choose from the purchase contacts you have added on the Purchase contacts tab of the article.
  13. In Location, select a preferred warehouse location.
  14. Click on: Finish
  15. Click on: OK

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