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Enter stock

You can enter stock manually. You could do so, for example if you want to increase the stock because of a correction.

Entries are journalised to Profit Financieel, linking the value to the transfer price. You can also enter negative quantities if you want to correct entries.


If, for example, you add an entry with a date in the past, the stock entries of articles for which stock is tracked are always added on the basis of the system date (i.e. the date at the time of entry)! In the article properties, you see today's date, in the stock entry overview the specified date.

To enter stock:

  1. Go to: Order Management / Stock / Enter.
  2. If multiple entry layouts are available then select an entry layout.

    You now see the entry layout.

  3. Select a Reason for the entry.
  4. Select the Item code for the entry.
  5. Enter the number of units for the entry.
  6. Select the Warehouse for the entry.
  7. Select the Location for the entry.
  8. Complete any remaining fields.
  9. Click on: Finish

To re-enter an article with a serial number:

Sometimes sales contacts return a serial number article. You can re-enter this serial number article using a negative quantity (-1).

You can also reverse the entry for the serial number article using a negative packing slip.

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