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Transfer stock

You can transfer stock from one warehouse (location) to the other warehouse (location). These transfers do not generate a journal entry. This is because the stock does not increase or decrease. You use transfers if you have a delivery warehouse, for example.

If you use this function, Profit does not take into account time differences for the transportation from one warehouse to another. Profit processes the entry and write off immediately.

If you do want to take time differences into account, you must use the Warehouse move function.

If you work with serial numbers, it is important that you also enter the serial number when transferring serial articles between warehouses and/or warehouse locations. In this case, transferring is only possible if the serial number is in stock.

To transfer stock:

  1. Go to:Order Management / Stock / Transfer.
  2. If multiple entry layouts are available then select an entry layout.

    You now see the entry layout.

  3. Select a Reason for the entry.
  4. Select the Item code for the entry.
  5. Enter the number of units for the entry.
  6. Select the Warehouse for the entry.
  7. Select the Location for the entry.
  8. Complete any remaining fields.
  9. Click on: Finish

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