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Import stock entries

You can import a stock entry. You can import both stock entries and write offs.

Stock entries and write-offs via the import work in the same way as the manual entries: note that even in the import you cannot enter a '0' (zero) quantity.

By importing stock entries you can process stock entries and write offs in the stock. You can also use this function for stock transfers. To transfer stock you include a stock entry and a stock write off in the import file for the article that you want to transfer.

To import stock entries use the import wizard which is available in Profit by default.


You cannot import records of the type 'transfer' or Revaluation. With the import you can only add records of the types Stock entry or Writing off.

During the stock entries import process Profit checks the following:

  • In the article master data, the value of the Stock item field must be 'Yes' (you can only enter stock articles).
  • The Warehouse field can only be imported if the Multiple warehouses function is activated in the environment. This field is therefore mandatory.

Profit determines the price difference on the basis of the applicable article transfer price (date-dependent) and the purchase price.


Importing stock differs from other imports. As long as there are errors in the import process, nothing, not even the good lines are processed. This is to prevent the stock entries from being entered again when the import is repeated!

To import stock entries:

  1. Go to: Order Management / Management / Import stock / Stock entries.
  2. Specify whether you want to create a new import definition or whether you want to use an existing import definition.
  3. Follow the instructions in the import wizard.

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