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Change stock manually

It is possible to change the stock manually for corrections etc.


Normally, stock is automatically entered and written off as part of the processing goods receipts and packing slips.

You can also make corrections to the stock manually using the Enter, Write off and Transfer functions.

Examples of this include:

  • Writing off damaged or broken articles.
  • Entering samples or demonstration articles.
  • Transferring articles incorrectly entered from one (warehouse) location to another (warehouse) location.

Profit journalises the stock entries and write offs to Financial based on the transfer price. Articles transferred from one (warehouse) location to another (warehouse) location are not journalised. If you do want to journalise these transfers, you must use the Warehouse transfer function.

When you enter stock entries or write offs you can enter negative quantities, which enables you to undo entries and write offs entered previously.

You can consult the posted entries, write offs and transfers using the stock entries overview (the stock recapitulation).

You can also add your custom fields to the stock entries using the Management tool.


  • Enter stock

    You can enter stock manually. You could do so, for example if you want to increase the stock because of a correction.

  • Write off stock

    You can write off stock manually. You could do so, for example if you want to decrease the stock because of a correction.

  • Transfer stock

    You can transfer stock from one warehouse (location) to the other warehouse (location). These transfers do not generate a journal entry. This is because the stock does not increase or decrease. You use transfers if you have a delivery warehouse, for example.

  • Enter stock entries using the barcode scanner

    Using the barcode scanner you can enter, write off and transfer goods. You can start these actions on the barcode scanner yourself, no action from Profit is required.

  • Import stock entries
  • You can import a stock entry. You can import both stock entries and write offs.
  • Stock entries overview

    You can make the manual corrections to the stock more transparent by using the Stock entry overview view.

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