Purchasing via order proposal per warehouse

In case of multiple warehouses, Profit automatically generates an order proposal per warehouse if you have not configured 'central purchasing'. When the order proposal per warehouse is calculated, the minimum stock and the stock replenishment that you have specified on the Stock tab per warehouse are also replenished.

If you do not want to use stock replenishment per warehouse, you must use warehouse allocation, and then deviate from the order proposal settings per warehouse.

To set up 'Order proposal per warehouse':

  1. Go to: Order Management / Management / Settings.
  2. Go to the tab: Stock.


  3. Deselect the Central purchasing check box.
  4. Click on: OK
  5. Open the environment again when prompted.

To enter sales orders for an article with Order Proposal settings in various warehouses:

  1. Go to: Order Management / Item / Article.
  2. Select an article and set it up for the stock.


  3. Enter a sales order to a warehouse.


  4. Enter another sales order from a different warehouse.

To generate an order proposal for purchasing per warehouse (with multiple warehouses):

  1. Go to: Order Management / Purchase process / Purchase order.
  2. Click on the action:Order proposal.
  3. Select an entry layout.


    You see that it is now possible to select a warehouse.

  4. Filter by the article.
  5. If applicable, select a warehouse. If you do not select a warehouse, an order proposal is generated for all warehouses.
  6. Click on the action: F5. Select.

    You see that the order proposal was generated per warehouse, in this case for both the sales order lines and the stock replenishment lines.

  7. Click on: Finish.

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