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You can allocate a purchase order to a sales order from within the sales order itself.



Purchase order lines can be allocated automatically to a sales order. This is set in the article.

You can also manually allocate a purchase order line or delete the allocation.

From a sales order, you can view the allocated purchase order(s).


  • Configuration

    You can allocate purchase order lines automatically to a sales order. You set this up per article.


  • View an allocation

    From a sales order you can view the linked purchase order(s).

  • Allocate a purchase order line

    You can allocate a purchase order line to a sales order line if there are still purchase order lines available for the article. In fact, you reserve the purchase order line for the sales line in question.

  • Delete an allocation

    You can delete an allocation from a purchase order to a sales order. To do this you set the number allocated to zero.

Also see

  • Allocate a purchase order to another sales order

    Sales orders are linked to purchase orders using the order proposal. You can change this link and allocate the purchase order to a (different) sales order. The overview also shows which purchase orders and sales orders are still outstanding for a particular article.

  • View the sales order link

    You can view which sales order a purchase order is allocated to. This is important if there is not enough stock for a particular article. If there is not enough stock, a purchase order must be created.

  • Allocate per article using Order Planning

    You can view your orders, cost estimate and assemblies and allocate them per article.


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