Supply a sales order

You can choose the way in which you supply your sales orders: print manually, e-mailing a single order or processing and supplying multiple orders using the Output wizard.

Each of these options has specific disadvantages. You can read more about this in Supply report.

In addition to supplying using the actions in the views, you can also supply using the entry layouts. In both cases, account is taken of the supply type specified for the sales contact.

If you want to use this function correctly, you must first configure Supply.


  • Issue a sales order using the Output wizard

    Use the Output wizard to select and print and/or e-mail multiple orders.

  • E-mail a sales order

    You can e-mail an order, whereby the order is saved as a PDF document and sent as an attachment to the the e-mail.

  • Print a sales order

    If necessary, you can use the Print action to print an order and send it to the sales contact. You can print the order on paper, save it as a PDF document or e-mail it. You can print multiple orders in one go.

  • Use a deviating contact person

    The Attn line for quotations, sales orders, packing slips and invoices is composed on the basis of the contact specified on the Digital tab in the properties of the debtor. However, when adding quotations, sales orders, packing slips and invoices you can use a deviating contact.