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Generate packing slips automatically

You can automatically generate packing slips. Depending on the selection you have set, Profit automatically generates packing slips for the eligible orders.

Profit automatically generates packing slips for sales orders for which stock is present. You therefore do not have to check which sales order can be sent.

If you are using multiple warehouses, you can leave the Warehouse field empty to generate packing slips for all warehouses.

You can also generate packing slips using the Command Line Utility.

If you use 'KZS' or 'Distrib’, check the deviating procedure.

To generate a packing slip automatically:

  1. Go to: Order Management / Sales process / Packing slip.
  2. Click on the action: Generate package docket.
  3. Select the warehouse for which you want to generate the packing slips.
  4. If required, make a further selection.

    You can make selections on Delivery priority (sales contact properties), Order date, Delivery date, Sales contact and Order number.


    You can create packing slips from sales orders and also from cost estimates. Because these are two different actions, the Delivery priority as you have configured it for the sales contact applies differently to the sales orders and to the cost estimates. Thus, if you generate packing slips for sales orders, the priority of the stock assignment for cost estimates is not taken into account and vice versa.

  5. Click on: Next.

    Depending on the settings in this window, Profit immediately mails/prints the packing slips and/or reports them as ready.

  6. In Date of packing slips, enter the date for the packing slips that you are going to generate.
  7. Select Copy previously supplied lines if you want to copy the lines already delivered with 0 as the quantity. This is useful, for instance, in order to provide better insight into the total number of lines delivered in the packing slip.

    Normally, lines that have already been delivered do not occur in the packing slip.

  8. Select Copy non-deliverable lines if you also want to copy these over, for instance to get a complete overview of the packing slip.

    Normally, the undeliverable lines do not appear on the packing slip.

  9. Select the Start output wizard upon completion check box.
  10. Click on: Next.

    You now see the orders that Profit can convert to a packing slip.

  11. Deselect the check box for the orders that you do not want to convert.
  12. Click on: Finish.

    Profit generates the packing slips after which you will receive a message.

  13. Click on: OK.

If you have so specified, the Output wizard now launches. You use it to determine the settings for sending and/or printing all packing slips.

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