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Digital prenotification of a shipment

On your behalf, TransSmart can give notice of shipments of your goods to more than 180 transporters, such as UPS, DHL, TNT, etc. Using data from Profit, TransSmart can automatically determine the correct/optimal transporter based on the contracts in which data such as prices and the conditions for packages (dimensions, weight) have been recorded.



You register a shipment digitally using your packing slip in Profit. Profit then sends the data from the packing slip to TransSmart who then supplements it with the correct transporter (depending on the agreement with TransSmart).

The status of the packing slip tells you whether the registration has been successful or not. You can then print off the labels of the transporter and stick them on the shipment.

After this, the transporter picks up the packages.

You can follow the shipment using Track & trace.

Finally you can compare the invoice you receive with the specification of the shipment from TransSmart.


  • Configuration

    For Profit customers, TransSmart can digitally register shipments of goods with more than 180 transporters such as UPS, DHL and TNT. This can save you a lot of time and might also be cheaper. You have to configure this functionality first.


  • Digital prenotification of packing slips

    In the packing slip (or, if applicable, already in the sales order) you specify that you want to prenotify the shipment to TransSmart. You also enter the number of packagings and the total weight of the shipment. These values are passed on to TransSmart as soon as you report the packing slip ready.

  • View the packing slip status in Profit and resolve errors

    When you have reported a packing slip ready, Profit sends the data to TransSmart. If the data is complete, TransSmart will send a return message which changes the Status shipment of the packing slip in Profit to Shipment received correctly. If a packing slip has not been reported to TransSmart correctly, you get an error message. You have to resolve this error.

  • Print labels from TransSmart

    If a packing slip has been received by TransSmart correctly, you can print the labels of the transporter with whom you have prenotified your shipment.

  • Track and trace and view the specification of a prenotified shipment

    From within the packing slip properties and from the TransSmart portal, you can track the shipment until is is delivered to your contact. You can use this information if your sales contact calls you with questions about the shipment. In addition to the progress of the shipment, you can use the TransSmart portal to retrieve a specification of the calculated costs. This allows you to check your invoices.


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