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Project activities and progress

Do you want to have detailed project information and project progress information available and do you want to precisely map the course of a project and be able to always give teams and team members a current insight into the progress of the entire project?

Using the project activities and progress functionality, you can refine the work in the cost estimate using project activities and assign these activities to team members. The team members then simply enter their own progress and determine how much time they still need or how far along they think they are. When entering the progress, the hours can automatically be converted to actual costing.

The project managers, project employees and team members can use AFAS InSite and AFAS OutSite over the internet to always and at all times have the current project data available. This information provides them with insight into the progress for the duration of the project and the history of the course of the project. Because the detailed progress information, including comments and attachments (in the project dossier), can be viewed by all team members, the team members can coordinate their activities and direct the progress of the project. This allows team members to collaborate more efficiently.


The progress functionality lets you define a further specification in the cost estimate for which you can register values when entering the hours in the actual costing. An extra progress file is active and can be edited using the two entry programs.

You specify how the progress is recorded in the settings of the entry layout used to specify the progress. Generally speaking Progress is strictly indicative. How it is used, is up to the user. There should be agreements within the organisation on how to use Progress. You can adjust the entry layouts in such a way that they force the user to complete certain fields.


  • Configuration of Progress

    Configuring progress monitoring consists of activating the functionality, authorising and adding progress codes and setting up the entry layouts.


  • Record progress lines

    You can enter progress lines in the cost estimate.

  • Specify progress lines

    You can specify the Progress in the cost estimate.

  • Progress in the actual costing

    When you use the Actual costing per week and Actual costing per line functions, the Progress action is available in the entry window. Use this action to open the Progress registration entry layout to edit and add progress lines.

  • Progress per project

    Use the Progress action in a project to open the Progress registration entry layout. This is where you add or edit the progress lines.

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