Configure stock

If you want to track stock, you first have to activate and configure this.


The first step in configuring stock is to activate the functionality.

You can then add the integration type for the stock. In the integration type, you indicate which journal is to be used for the stock journal entries, whether the stock articles are to be included in stocktaking and/or reconciliation and you select the ledger accounts for the stock journal entries in Profit Financieel.

Next you add article groups, in which you indicate whether or not stock articles may be present in the article group concerned.

The remaining configuration will depend on your situation.


  • Activate stock

    Before you can process stock, you must first activate the Stock functionality in the environment properties.

  • Integration type

    To ensure that the changes in the stock are processed in Profit Financial, you configure the associated integration type.

  • Article group

    In the article group you indicate whether or not it contains stock articles and whether the articles in the article group are to be included in stocktaking. In addition, you specify which general ledger accounts are to be used for journalising stock entries.

  • Add warehouse locations

    You use warehouse locations to specify where the articles in a warehouse are, for example to simplify picking the articles. Locations are always linked to a warehouse. The combination of warehouse and location makes a location unique.

  • Delete locations collectively

    You can collectively delete the locations you have added yourself. You cannot delete default locations (with **** in the name). You can only delete a location if there are no entries for the location.

  • Article dimensions

    In addition to the levels at which you can track stock for an article, you can also track stock based on the article dimension which you can add yourself.

  • Multiple warehouses

    You can store the articles in stock in one or more warehouses. You must configure this first.

  • Multiple administrations, one of which with stock

    You can use multiple administrations: you can track stock in one of them and journalise the invoices in the other.

  • Stock in multiple stock administrations

    When configuring stock in multiple administrations, you activate the functionality, you add an integration type or types and link the administrations to the new warehouses. It may also be necessary to transfer goods to the new warehouses.

  • 'CBS' declaration

    Configuring the 'CBS' declaration consists of activating the functionality, entering the 'CBS' identification number and setting up your contacts and articles.

  • Configure stocktaking

    If you want to do stocktaking in Profit, you must set this up in the article group. You also have some optional settings at your disposal.

  • Configure the barcode scanner

    You can speed up a number of processes in Profit using barcode scanners. You have to configure this first.

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