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Configure 'CBS' declaration

Configuring the 'CBS' declaration consists of activating the functionality, entering the 'CBS' identification number and setting up your contacts and articles.



Configuring the 'CBS' declaration consists of activating the functionality and entering the 'CBS' identification number.


To send the 'CBS’ declaration electronically to the CBS, you must use the CBSsend software. This program includes encryption and a confirmation of receipt. The software can be requested from the CBS Contact Centre.


  • Activate 'CBS'

    Before you can create a 'CBS' declaration you must first activate this functionality in the environment properties.

  • Set CBS identification number

  • Add 'CBS' type and set for sales and/or purchase contact:

    Profit uses the 'CBS' types to generate the 'CBS' declaration. The I.C.Supply and I.C.Acquisition types are available by default. Add 'CBS' type here if necessary. You then set the appropriate 'CBS' type for each purchase and/or sales contact. In the order process, the contact settings are copied to the goods receipt and packing slip entry layouts. You can still change the 'CBS' type there if necessary.

  • Add goods code

    To be able to submit the 'CBS' declaration, you have to create goods codes. You can then enter these goods codes for the articles. The goods code is an 8-digit code from the nomenclature which can be retrieved from the statistics office (‘CBS’) among others, (the Combined Nomenclature). This code is identical in all EU member states.

  • Set a goods code for an article

    Each article must have a goods code for the 'CBS' declaration.

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  • Submit the 'CBS' declaration

    You generate the 'CBS’ declaration based on the goods transactions stated on the packing slips and goods receipts. If necessary you can add lines to the declaration manually.


'CBS' declaration

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