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You can store the articles in stock in one or more warehouses. You must configure this first.



You can store articles for which you track the stock in a warehouse.

By default, one warehouse is included. You can add multiple warehouses, for example Amersfoort warehouse and Leusden warehouse. To do this, the Multiple warehouses functionality must be activated.

By default, each warehouse has just one Location. You can divide a warehouse into multiple locations. This may refer to a part of a warehouse, such as a shelf, a rack or even an entire floor. You can decide how you want to define the locations.

Within a single environment you can also use multiple stock administrations, with multiple warehouses. In that case, you link a warehouse to an administration. The result is that the stock value in Profit Financieel is shown on the balance sheet per administration.

You configure the administration at the warehouse level so that the stock can be transferred between the different administrations via the settlement account.


  • Activate multiple warehouses

    Before you can process multiple warehouses, you must first activate the Multiple warehouses functionality in the environment properties.

  • Add warehouse

    Each environment with stock has by default just one warehouse (default warehouse ****). You can add new warehouses yourself.

  • Authorise and set up a warehouse move

    If you want to move stock from one warehouse to another, you must authorise and set this up first.

  • Multiple warehouses and purchasing

    If you work with multiple warehouses, you must decide how to deal with this in the purchasing process.

  • Warehouse allocation

    If you work with multiple warehouses, for articles for which you track the stock you can specify that the article can only be stored in certain warehouses. We call this Warehouse allocation. By default warehouse allocation is disabled, and all articles may be stored in all warehouses.

  • Block a warehouse

    You can block a warehouse. For example, if you move to using multiple stock administrations and the warehouse has to be linked to another administration. In that case, you cannot simply link another administration to the warehouse if journal entries have already been entered. Instead, you must add a new warehouse, transfer the stock and block the old warehouse.

  • Delete warehouses collectively

    You can only delete the warehouses collectively if no entries have been made.

Also see

  • Multiple warehouses and sales orders

    If you use multiple warehouses and articles can be stored in more than one warehouse, you want to be able to see in which warehouse you have sufficient stock for an order line. You also want to be able to use a different warehouse in the sales order line than is specified in the header (preferred warehouse of the purchase/sales contact).


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