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Initial sign-on with regard to two-factor authentication

You need a new password for the new sign-on method using two-factor authorisation. You will create this password in this step. It is easiest, but not compulsory, to immediately download AFAS Pocket afterwards and to link it.


You can already sign on and test or you can sign on using the new method before your organisations switches to the new sign-on method!

The following condition applies within this context. The administrator in your organisation must create you in Profit as a user and must record your email address. This must have been completed the day before you will sign on before 8 p.m. If, for example, you want to sign on on 30 June, the administrator must have recorded your data in Profit on 29 June before 8 p.m.

This condition will no longer apply if the organisation has gone live with the new sign-on method. In this case, the administrator can therefore create a user and this user can sign on immediately.

This page does not apply with regard to single sign-on. The Profit manager in your organisation will specify how you need to log on with regard to single sign-on (SSO).



  • You use a supported Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac version.
  • You use a supported browser.

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Logging on

  1. Go to

    The sign-on screen will be displayed.

  2. Enter your email address.

    Use the email address that the Profit administrator has recorded in your organisation. This is usually your business email address. If you do not know which email address you should use, contact the Profit administrator.

  3. Click Next.
  4. A message will b displayed that you have never signed on before.

  5. Click Get started.
  6. You will receive an email message that will include a code.
  7. Enter the code on the portal page.

  8. Click Next.
  9. Enter a strong password.

  10. Click Next.
  11. Enter your telephone number if it is not automatically displayed. If you enter a number yourself, this will not be recorded in Profit.

  12. Click Next.
  13. Confirm the text message code that you will receive through your telephone.

Install and link AFAS Pocket

  1. You now have the following options:
    • Click Yes to link immediately. AFAS Pocket must, of course, be installed on your smartphone. Scan the QR code to link AFAS Pocket to your AFAS Online account.

      Say that you have several AFAS Online accounts, you can then create this link for every account.

    • If you click No, you can still install AFAS Pocket and scan the QR code.

    • If you skip linking completely, you will sign on in Profit using a confirmation code that you will receive through a text message.
  2. Press I have a QR code in AFAS Pocket if you want to link using AFAS Pocket.
  3. Give your permission to use the camera and scan the QR code
  4. If you have correctly scanned the code, a message will be displayed stating that your AFAS Online account has been linked to AFAS Pocket.

  5. Click Log on.

    If signed on is successful, there will be two possibilities:

    • Your organisation has already switched to the new sign-on method. You can immediately start Profit Windows or InSite.
    • Your organisation has not yet switched to the new sign-on method. The page My account with the user settings will be displayed.

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