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AFAS Online sign-on

AFAS will switch to a new AFAS Online platform and new sign-on method in 2018. This will mean that AFAS Online will be even faster and more secure and stable. We announced before that we would be introducing two-factor authentication, but there are more changes.


Also visit the special theme page The new signing on to AFAS Online.

The new platform is being rolled out as from halfway through June 2018. The Profit administrator in your organisation will receive a message from AFAS Customer Care in a timely manner when it is the 'turn' of your environments.

Signing on with a single sign-on or two-factor authentication

There are two ways to sign on.

  • Single sign-on

    If this has been configured in your organisation, you use a solution of another party or your own solution to sign on to AFAS Online. It is, for example, possible that your Windows sign-on data is used when you sign on to AFAS Online. This means that you do not have to sign on to AFAS Online separately.

  • Two-factor authentication

    If single sign-on is not configured at your organisation, you always sign on to the AFAS Online platform by means of two-factor authentication. 'Two-factor' means that the sign on process consists of two steps: you sign on suing your email address/password and, next, you confirm the signing on using your smartphone. This sign-on method is more secure than just a password.

You access AFAS Online by means of the new AFAS Online portal. You record your password the first time you sign on and, subsequently, you confirm this through email. Afterwards, you sign on every time using two-factor authentication. You can also always access InSite through You must then also sign on through two-factor authentication.

Other changes

  • Profit Windows runs in a Citrix environment. You start Profit Windows by means of Citrix Receiver and not in a Remote Desktop (RDP).
  • You can now also use Profit Windows on an Apple Mac.
  • If you are signed on to Profit Windows and you want to open an environment of another participant number, you must do this by using the portal page.
  • You can no longer sign on to InSite and OutSite using a social media account. This sign-on method is regarded as being less secure while we are aiming at achieving better security with the new sign-on method.
  • Cooperation users (such as accountants) and customer no longer need to be on the same silo. Simultaneously switching (of customers and cooperating users) to a new Profit version is not required any more either. You do not therefore have to submit incidents wither.
  • You can use multiple sessions of Profit Windows provided that they refer to different participant numbers or environment types (live, test or accept).
  • Hour settings such as colours in views, tab sequence, etc., will be saved and you do not have to reset them. Your favourites and history (at the bottom on the left on the screen) will not be included. The history will be automatically restructured when Profit is used. You must reset your Favourites.


Two-factor authentication

Single sign-on


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