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Change sign-on data with regard to two-factor authentication

You determine by means of the AFAS Online Portal whether you sign on with a text message code or AFAS Pocket with regard to two-factor authentication. You can also change your name and telephone number for the sign-on. You cannot change your email address yourself.


Signing on by means of AFAS Pocket

If AFAS Pocket is used within your organisation, you can sign on through AFAS Pocket. This is easier than signing on using a text message verification code.

Change the sign-on method:

  1. Sign on using your PC on
  2. Click your name/My account.
  3. Click AFAS Pocket.
  4. Click the method that you want to use. If you want to use AFAS Pocket, you must install in on your smartphone and link it to an environment.

    A screen will, next, be displayed with a QR code.

  5. Open AFAS Pocket on your smartphone.
  6. Scan the QR code using your smartphone. This will link your smartphone to the Profit environment.

    If you cannot scan, press on the shield and, next, on Scan code at the top in AFAS Pocket. You can also access this screen through My AFAS Online account.


Change sign-on name and telephone number

You can change yourself your sign-on name (that is displayed at the top on the right) and telephone number. This change only applies to the portal and will not be implemented in Profit. The Profit administrator in your organisation cannot view or change this data. The Profit administrator only manages the (business) email address that you use to sign in. You cannot change this yourself. You can also change your password.

  1. Click your name/My account.
  2. Click My data
  3. Implement the change.

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