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Signing on using two-factor authentication

Signing on consists of two steps with regard to two-factor authentication: you sign on using an email address and password and, next, you confirm the signing on with your smartphone.


This page does not apply with regard to single sign-on. The Profit manager in your organisation will specify how you need to log on with regard to single sign-on (SSO).


Link AFAS Pocket and log on

When you log on using 2-factor authentication, you need to copy the SMS code on to your smartphone each time, but there's a much easier way....

Link AFAS Pocket to your environment and log in using your password + one button tap..

Signing on to Profit Windows

  1. Go to

    The sign-on screen will be displayed. Your email address will be displayed if you have signed on successfully before.

  2. Enter your password.
  3. Click on: Next.

    If you use AFAS Pocket:

    If you do not use AFAS Pocket:

    Click Accept...

    and you will be signed on automatically.

    You will receive an text message with a code:

    Type the code in the Online Portal.


  4. Click a tile to start Profit Windows or InSite.

  5. When Profit is selected, the Portal will immediately detect whether Citrix Receiver has been installed. If this is not the case, click Download to download and install Citrix Receiver.

  6. If detecting takes longer while you have already installed Citrix Receiver, you can skip the detecting phase by selecting Already installed.
  7. Give your consent for Citrix Receiver to be started.

If you do not want to or cannot install Citrix Receiver, you can run Profit Windows in a browser by selecting Use web version. From Profit, you cannot save files or import data into Profit with regard to the web version.

Signing on into InSite

To start InSite, you can also immediately go to Replace 12345 with your own participant number. You will then also sign on using two-factor authorisation as explained above.

Signing on in relation to several licences

You can have access to environments of multiple licences. This applies in the following situations:

  • You are a cooperating user (for example, an accountant). A cooperation user with regard to AFAS Online can sign on both in his/her own environment as well as in the environments of customers.
  • Your email address has been recorded in different environments (in relation to different licences) with regard to a user.

You can use the following URLs if you have several licences:


    The following window will be displayed when you sign on to this URL for the first time:

  • where you should replace 12345 by your own participation number that you want to see after signing on.

Changing the participation number:

If you are already signed on to an environment and you want to sign on to an environment of another participant number, first return to the AFAS Online Portal. Select the required participant number.

Signing out Profit Windows

You do not have to log off. You only need to exit the application.

Press Alt+F4 or click the cross to exit.

Forced signing off:

This may be required when a session of Citrix Receiver has frozen.

  1. Open the System Tray.
  2. Click Citrix Receiver using the right mouse button.
  3. Click Connection Centre.

  4. Click Log Off.

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