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Settings for Actual costing

We define actual costing as 'registering the actual costs per project'.



You can use the hour registration as the basis for the actual costing. In Profit Projects you can completely set this hour registration to your organisation's wishes and requirements. This also makes it possible to use the hour registration if you do not work on a project basis in your organisation, but still want to register hours. Typically hours will be recorded per employee, but it is also possible to register hours per organisational unit or per job.


  • Configure the entering of hours

    You can use the time registration as the basis for the actual costing. In Profit Projecten, you can set up the time registration in a way that completely meets the requirements of your organisation.

  • Authorise the actual costing

    Configure the authorisation of this section, so that the right users have access to the required functions and data.

  • Configure actual costing per week

    Before you can use the Actual costing per week function, you first have to configure this functionality.

  • Block entering the actual costing in a closed period

    You can prevent employees from entering actual costing in a closed period by using multiple entry layouts and by configuring these in a certain way. This way of configuring works for entering the actual costing both in Profit and in InSite. 

  • Configure projects in InSite

    Before you can use Projects with Project Self Service in InSite and/or OutSite, you must first configure the functionality.

  • Configure the approval and reporting ready

    You can authorise approving and reporting ready with regard to the segregation of duties. In the settings you can also determine if you want Profit to automatically approve the actual costing lines and report them ready, immediately after they have been entered.

  • Integration of actual costing and salary processing

    From Profit Projecten you can include the actual costing lines in the salary processing in Profit Payroll, even if you do not use Profit Projecten.

  • Configure the carrying forward of purchase invoices with VAT duty by project

    You can carry forward the purchase invoices and costs that you enter in Profit Financieel, to the actual costing for a project in Profit Projecten. When entering a purchase invoice, by default, Profit determines the VAT duty based on the creditor, but you can also have the VAT duty determined based on the project on which you enter the costs.

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