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Approve and report ready (Profit Projects)

If a manager or project manager has to check and approve the employees' actual costing lines, he/she uses the Approve functionality for this. Approved lines can no longer be changed, unless you first undo the approval. You have to report the actual costing lines ready for invoicing if you want to charge the lines to the customer. In addition, a separate function is available for channelling the actual costing lines through to Profit Payroll.


If you do not have Profit Projecten, approval takes place via the menu of Profit HR. In this case, please read the Approve declarations (without Profit Projects) topic.




Use the approval and reporting ready process to check and approve actual costing lines. This process consists of three parts, but these are not mandatory.

  • Approve the actual costing

    The actual costing lines entered are checked by a manager. Once approved, the lines can no longer be changed or deleted, unless you reverse the approval by using undo approval.

    During the approval Profit also updates the employees' leave balances, under the following conditions:

    • This only applies insofar as hour entries qualify for leave entitlement (specified in the configuration). In the case of time off in lieu, your employees can also take leave hours via the actual costing.
    • The leave type is defined in such a way that Profit updates the leave balance during approval. If not, Profit updates the leave balances immediately after the actual costing lines have been entered.
  • Report the actual costing ready

    By reporting lines ready, you prepare them for invoicing.

  • Approve actual costing for Payroll

    This step applies to all actual costing lines that Profit has to channel to the salary processing. This can involve processing wages on the basis of hours, processing of overtime hours, expenses, etc. If you have linked the wage component and parameter to an hour, work or cost type, Profit will include these in the wage processing.

    The entry date of an expenses line determines the processing period in Profit Payroll in which Profit includes the entry. The time registration end date recorded in the salary processing plan can play a role in this. Based on this date, Profit can transfer the costs that have been entered after a salary period has been approved to the next period. Using this method you can avoid RAE entries, but the expenses will only be paid out in the next period (instead of in the period in which they were entered).

Process scheme: Approve the actual costing and report it ready

Pro_Accordering en gereedmelding (Profit Projecten)



  • Methods for approving and reporting ready

    This table provides you with an overview of possible actions for the approval and reporting ready process. Depending on whether or not you approve for Profit Payroll, you also see four methods for approving and reporting ready.

  • Approve the actual costing and report it ready

    If specified in the project settings, you must approve all the hours, units, materials and purchase invoices entered in the actual costing for further processing. If not, Profit will automatically approve the actual costing lines and report them ready immediately after they have been entered.

  • Approve for Payroll

    You must approve expense lines for processing in Profit Payroll, if that has been specified in the settings. If not, Profit automatically approves the expense lines once they have been entered. Use this to channel all lines to be integrated to Payroll.

  • Undo approval or reporting ready

    You can undo the approval or the ready status for actual costing lines.

  • Undo approval for Payroll

    Profit uses the approved actual costing lines as wage entries. By undoing the approval, these wage entries are deleted and RAE entries will be created.


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