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Enter the actual costing

'Actual costing' is a general term used for the registration of the costs that have been entered for a project. There are several ways to do this:

  • For entering hours, costs and materials you can use the Actual costing per line function.
  • For entering hours and costs you can use the Actual costing per week or Actual costing per period functions. Using these functions, you can quickly generate multiple actual costing lines for the same date. You cannot use these functions for entering materials.



Multiple administrations

Based on the Administration field of a project, Profit determines in which administration invoicing and journalising is performed.

In addition to this, it is also important to know which sales journal is set in General / Configuration / Integration settings / Integration type in the properties of the integration type for invoices. The integration type is created for each administration.

If you work with WIP in the project administration, you cannot enter or change the Administration field, neither in the project properties, nor in the project group.

Checks when entering the actual costing

When entering a work type in the actual costing the Hour type is mandatory. When adding the actual costing lines, you use the regular hour type that you have set up in the project settings. If you have not set an hour type here, you receive a message that Profit cannot add an actual costing line.

When entering on a project Profit checks the project settings to see if you, as a project team member, are allowed to enter the actual costing on the project in question. If this has been set for the project and you are not a team member, you receive a notification about this. If according to the settings, only team members are allowed to enter the actual costing, this applies to entering Actual costing per line, Actual costing per period and Actual costing per week. This setting is complementary to the validity combinations that apply to the project.

When entering Actual costing per line / per week / per period or using ProfitWeb, Profit checks if you enter the hours in a blocked period. This check is also performed when you import the actual costing lines.

Journal entry for stock

Entering an article for which the stock is tracked, results in the following journal entry in Profit Financial:




Delivered articles account (for the article group)



To Stock



Assembled items in the actual costing


Assembled items can only be used if you also have Profit Order management.

Every line in the actual costing contains a part of the assembled item or a line for the assembled item header.

How the assembled item lines are processed, depends on the type of the assembled item.

  • Assembly:

    Stock is tracked for this assembled item. You cannot process tracked items directly in the actual costing. Instead you have to use a packing slip to transfer them to the actual costing. This does not apply if you have set Allow stock checking articles in the entry layout (General settings tab).

  • Explosion:

    No stock is tracked for this assembled item. Depending on the setting of the assembled item, either a line is automatically generated for each part in the assembled item or only the header line is saved. If stock is tracked for one of the parts of the explosion assembled item, you cannot process the assembled item directly in the actual costing. Variable assembled items can also not be processed directly in the actual costing. They have to be entered using a packing slip instead.


    The text lines of an explosion assembled item are not included in the actual costing.

    You have the option to import assembled item lines into the actual costing, in which case the rule applies that only the header or the exploded lines are included in the actual costing (so not the underlying assembled item lines).


  • Actual costing per line versus actual costing per week

    In the table, you see the differences between actual costing/hours entered per line and per week.

  • Actual costing per line

    You can record the registration of hours worked, materials consumed and other costs on an entry line.

  • Actual costing per period

    Use Actual costing per period as a faster way to enter enter the lines of a particular period.

  • Actual costing per week

    You can also enter the actual costing (hours) per week. If you mainly enter hours and work with fixed rates, 'matrix entry per week' can be considerably more user-friendly and faster. You can only use this functionality to enter hours and costs; you cannot use it to post entries for articles. Entries are always recorded per employee; this means that hours or units from multiple employees cannot be entered in one and the same entry run.

  • Enter a sales price based on an hourly wage

    If you have configured the Sales price based on hourly wage function, you can use the employee's hourly wage to determine your sales price. As soon as you enter the actual costing, you see the sales price based on the hourly wage.

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