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Actual costing with Profit Calendar integration

Because of this integration Profit Calendar shows the actual costing entries as appointments for the individual employee/user. Using Profit Calendar gives you an idea of the availability of employees. For a complete picture, you can also integrate public holidays, timetables, leave and absence views with Profit Calendar, if you have Profit HR or Profit Payroll. To make it easier to read, a different colour is used for each appointment type. This means that you can quickly and effectively consult your and your colleagues’ agendas, and easily schedule appointments.

The employee must be known as a Profit user (the employee must be linked to a user), because Profit Calendar only contains the calendars of Profit users.



The integration between actual costing and Profit Calendar takes place in three ways:

  • You can automatically show an entered actual costing line as an appointment in Profit Calendar.
  • You can enter an appointment created in Profit Calendar, directly as an actual costing line.
  • You can afterwards enter an appointment in Profit Calendar that is not of the Actual costing appointment type as an actual costing line.


    The integration works under the following conditions:

  • The actual costing in Profit Calendar is based on Actual costing per line, not on Actual costing per week or Actual costing per period.
  • The appointment is with one employee. If more employees are involved, enter the actual costing in each individual calendar.
  • The appointment takes place on one day. In case of a recurring appointment or one that lasts longer than one day, you enter the actual costing for each individual day.

Profit does not include actual costing lines for leave or absence from Profit HR in Profit Calendar. This is because a separate calendar integration is available for leave and absence.




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