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Position report fields in a report

You position the fields in the report layout.

The available fields are listed in the Data fields box. If you drag a field to the report layout, you can include the field description automatically. Using the buttons below the Data fields box, you determine where Profit puts the field description when you drag a field to the report layout:

You can adjust, move, delete, etc. the field description later on. The above buttons allow you to position fields including their description in the layout as quickly as possible.

If you make a mistake, you can undo the change using Ctrl+Z.

To position fields in the report:

  1. Click on: (this means: Place field description in previous section).
  2. Drag the Name field to the Detail section.

    If you drag a field to the Detail section, Profit automatically places the field description in the section above it, because you have activated Place field description in previous section.

    Fields are always between Ā«bracketsĀ», contrary to descriptions (labels).

  3. Drag the other fields to the report layout.

    You have several tools at your disposal to align and position fields.

  4. Select the Name field and widen it.

  5. Also widen the other fields. In practice, you make the fields as wide as possible to prevent, for example, names and description from being truncated.

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