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Overview of the default output provided with (deviating) ledger account description

Here you find an overview of the default entry layouts, windows, reports, views and analyses supplied with Profit Financial in which the ledger account description field appears. In this default output, you see the deviating ledger account descriptions for an administration, if they have been entered. If a ledger account does not have a deviating description for an administration, Profit uses the default description for the ledger account.

If you use or are going to use your own reports, views or analyses, you should check these to see if they include the ledger description and change them if you want to show the deviating description.


Entry layouts in Financial

The deviating description and search names are applied in the following entry layouts if you have recorded them for the opened administration:

  • Financial entry layouts (create / change journal entry) in:
    • Journal
    • Bank statement
    • Opening balance
    • Correction
    • Fixed journal entry
    • Reconcile
    • Change journal entry
  • Financial / Ledger / Budget menu
    • Enter a budget
    • Enter a reservation
    • Enter an obligation

Views and data collections in Financial

In the default views and data collections provided, in which a ledger account description appears (about 60), the function field ‘Description’ is used. The function field always returns a description. The description (deviating vs. default) depends on two conditions.

The function field gives the deviating description

  • If it is available AND
  • If there is only one administration in the view and there is no grouping on administration.

The function field gives the default description

  • If no deviating description is available OR
  • If the view is grouped on administration and the number of administrations > 1

Reports in Financial

You can view diverse reports and views in which a ledger account description appears. On these reports, you see the deviating description of the ledger account(s) for an administration, if it is present. Otherwise you see the default description.

  • Balance and comment on the balance (Profit)
  • Balance sheet and Comment on the balance sheet with text (Profit)
  • Day journal (Profit)
  • Operations overview (Profit)
  • Operations overview per 4 weeks (Profit)
  • Operations overview per month (Profit)
  • Ledger card (Profit)
  • Grootboekkaart inclusief budget (Profit)
  • Extended Trial Balance (Profit)
  • Costs and revenues per period (Profit)
  • Entries per employee/day of creation (Profit)
  • Still to spend (Profit)
  • Trial Balance (Profit)
  • Allocated operations summary (Profit)
  • Allocated ledger card (Profit)
  • Allocated ledger card including budget (Profit)
  • Allocated extended trial balance (Profit)
  • Allocated trial balance (Profit)
  • Allocated list of balances per axis/code/account (Profit)
  • Allocated list of balances per axis/account/code (Profit)
  • Profit and loss account and Comment on the profit and loss account (Profit)


  • Reports from the ‘Reporting’ product and the function group ‘Reporting’ come functionally under 'Reporting' and use the ledger account description from the copied or imported chart of accounts. When you create a new project in reporting, you can choose to copy entries from another environment or to copy entries from another administration. This copy includes the deviating description. In you print the reports from Reporting, the correct description is then displayed.
  • Reports with a consolidated overview across multiple administrations (for example, ‘Consolidated Extended Trial Balance’) always display the default ledger account description.
Windows in Financial

In the configuration of Financial, you often have to select a ledger account. If this configuration is at the administration level, the search field displays the deviating description or the default description if there is no deviating description. If the configuration of Financial is at the environment level, the search field always displays the default description.

  • Windows in which configuration at the administration level takes place. In the associated windows, the deviating description (if present) is displayed for all search fields with the ledger account:
    • Journals. The Nieuw dagboek and Eigenschappen dagboek wizards for the Contra account field.
    • Asset groups. The Nieuw activagroep and Eigenschappen activagroep wizards on the Accounts tab.
    • Financial administration settings In places where a ledger account appears, for example, Payment/Collection tab, Collection reduction account field.
  • Windows in which the default ledger account description is always displayed:
    • Ledger account: in the Deviating balance sheet account, Reconcile with and Collect on fields.
    • Debtor: Preferred contra account field
    • Bank transaction code: Account field
    • VAT code: Account field
    • Article group: All fields with a ledger account configured within the Integration frame and in the Seq. Integration frame.
    • Integration group: Account field
    • Integration type: Account invoice discount field
    • Financial integration settings (Projects): WIP integration configuration
    • Bank account number: Contra account payment and Contra account collection fields.


  • Settlement account configuration. TheSettlement account configuration window displays the deviating descriptions in the Ledger account and Ledger account fields and underlying search views that belong to the administration selected in the top search field.

    Fin_Overzicht van standaard meegeleverde output met afwijkende omschrijving RC (10)

Audit file

The deviating description is exported to the available formats (text and XML) of the Audit file.

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