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View account levels

For an account level, you view the ledger accounts that are balanced together.

To view account levels:

  1. Go to: Financial / Ledger / Configuration / Account level.

    View the result of the account level structure on the basis of the trial balance. The trial balance provides an overview of your debit and credit totals and the balances of your ledger accounts.

To view account levels via the trial balance overview:

  1. Go to: Financial / Ledger / Overview / Trial balance.

    Fin_Rekeningniveaus raadplegen

  2. Select the financial year, the start and end period of the financial year and the desired timeframe.

    The trial balance is based on the periods that fall within the selected period range.

    The time frame is the period in the financial year whose cumulative value is considered to be the basis (the annual figures). Within the time frame, you can select a period or periods related to the financial year. Profit automatically enters the current period as the time frame, but you can change it.

  3. In the Type of account field, select the accounts to be displayed. This way you determine whether a balance sheet or a profit and loss account will be displayed. Select Total to retrieve all accounts.
  4. Select the Level totals check box.
  5. Enter the level code 1 in the From level field.
  6. Click on: Finish.

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