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Generate account levels

If your environment does not yet contain any account levels, you must generate them on the basis of your chart of accounts. Profit automatically adds account levels on the basis of the coding (the ledger account numbers). After this, you check the structure and adjust the level descriptions.

To generate account levels:


If your environment already contains account levels, they must first be removed.

  1. Go to: Financial / Ledger / Configuration / Account level.
  2. Click on: Generate account levels.
  3. Enter a value in the Number of positions in sub-total field.

    Profit uses this value to group the ledger accounts on the basis of the account numbers. Account numbers whose first position is the same belong together and are automatically grouped. A new level is created when the first part of the number changes. You can change the description of the level.

    Example: of generating subtotals

    Enter the value 2, so that the accounts are grouped on the basis of the first two digits. Your chart of accounts contains the following accounts, among others:

  • 0010 Lands
  • 0050 Buildings
  • 0100 Machines
  • 0101 Inventory
  • 0160 Means of transport
  • 0200 Depreciation... etc.

    Profit groups the 0010 Sites and 0050 Buildings accounts because they begin with the same two digits (00).

    Profit groups the 0100 Machines, 0101 Inventory, and 0160 Means of conveyance accounts because they begin with the same two digits (01).

    The grouping is done automatically at the lowest level based on the Number of positions in sub-total. Profit recognises a higher level and automatically assigns this. Level 9 is used to produce the total sum for the ledger.

  1. Click on: Finish.

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