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Copy the reporting cockpit to another environment

You can copy the reporting codes and underlying links with ledger accounts to other environments under the same licence.

Your source environment is the open environment. You can copy reporting codes and links with ledger accounts to multiple target environments from your source environment.

Only execute this function if the chart of ledger accounts has been fully recorded in the target environment. If a ledger account that is to be linked does not exist in the target environment, you must first add it to the target environment.


The link between a reporting code and a ledger account is stored in the Reporting cockpit field in the properties of the ledger accounts. You can also import and change this field by selecting Financial / Management / Import ledger / Reporting cockpit. The licence is irrelevant during the import process.

To copy reporting cockpit codes to another environment:

  1. Go to: Financial / Ledger / Configuration / Reporting structure.
  2. Click on the action: Copy reporting structure.
  3. In Compare reporting code determine which reporting codes you want to copy:
    • Only supplement reporting codes

      You only copy reporting codes that do not exist in the target environment to the target environment.

    • Do not copy reporting codes

      Reporting codes are not copied to the target environment. Use this option to only update the links between reporting codes and ledger accounts.

    • Replace and supplement reporting codes

      You copy all reporting codes from the source environment to the target environment, overwriting the existing reporting codes (including links with ledger accounts).

  4. In the Compare ledger account fields you specify specify how the links between the reporting codes and the ledger accounts are processed.
  5. If you select the Delete existing ledger links check box, Profit will delete all of the links between the reporting codes and the ledger accounts in the target environments.
  6. Click on: Next.
  7. Select the environments.
  8. Click on: Finish.

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