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Add reporting codes to the reporting cockpit

A default model with reporting codes is supplied as part of Profit, but you can add your own reporting codes.

Note: Your own new set of reporting codes

You can use the reporting cockpit to add reporting codes, although you cannot create a set that is completely your own this way. You can only create a set that is completely your own as follows:

  • Go to: Financial / Ledger / Overview / Reporting cockpit.
  • Block the reporting codes supplied with the system.
  • Add a view that does not display the blocked reporting codes.
  • Add the new set.

To add reporting codes:

  1. Go to: Financial / Ledger / Configuration / Reporting structure.
  2. Click on: New.


    There is a relationship between the structure of the reporting codes and the classification/sorting used for the report. If you change the structure of the supplied reporting codes, you must also copy and change the reports.

  3. Complete the Kind, Main group and/or Sub-group fields.

    These fields determine the position of the new reporting code in the structure. If you want to add a new main group, you manually enter a new 2-digit code (e.g. 06) in Main group. Next, enter the description for this new main group. The new main group is automatically added and is available for use. This also applies for the addition of a sub-group. In this case, enter the new code in Sub-group.

    You can select an existing code in these fields to build on the categories in the structure, although you can also enter a new code. When the wizard finishes, Profit will add the new code. You can then select this new code as part of the following new reporting code.

  4. Enter the Code if you want to add a reporting code at the lowest level. This is only possible if you have completed the Kind, Main group and Sub-group fields.

    You can only link ledger accounts (in the next step) to a reporting code for which the Code field has been completed.

  5. Enter the description.. This description will appear on the reports (for the higher levels).
  6. Select a reporting code in Reporting code no. 2 if you want to display the debit and credit field.

    This means that a debit account with a credit balance will be displayed as credit and vice versa.

  7. Enter the Calc. basis indicator code. It is required for the Kengetallen financieel (Profit) report and the Winst- en Verliesrekening reports.

    The Kengetallen financieel report contains a DuPont structure that is composed on the basis of this code. For example, the codes under the main code R0102 belong under Costs of raw materials and consumables, subcontracted work, etc. You can configure this in accordance with your own preferences.

  8. Click on: Finish.

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