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Change reports for the reporting cockpit

The standard reports for the reporting cockpit are supplied as part of Profit. You can copy and change these. The changed reports will also be available when you use the actions in Financial / Ledger / Overview / Reporting cockpit.


There is a relationship between the structure of the reporting codes and the classification/sorting used for the report. If you change the structure of the supplied reporting codes, you must also copy and change the reports.

You can also make a new analysis on the basis of the Reporting code (analysis) data collection.

To change reports for the reporting cockpit:

  1. Go to: Financial / Output / Management / Report.
  2. Copy the report:
    • Balance and comment on the balance (Profit)
    • Profit and loss account and Comment on the profit and loss account (Profit)
    • Financial indicators (Profit)
  3. Change the report.
  4. If necessary, block the original Profit report. This means that it can no longer be viewed via the reporting cockpit.

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