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Configure VAT-transferred

In certain cases, the obligation to pay VAT to the tax authority is transferred from the supplier to the purchaser. This is called ‘VAT transferred’



Normally, it is the duty of the supplier of an article to pay VAT. In specific cases, depending on the type of article or service, the duty is not with the supplier but with the consumer.

For example, this is the case with articles such as mobile phones and laptops provided that a specific amount (€ 10,000 excluding VAT per type of good and per delivery) is exceeded. The articles and services for which ‘VAT transferred’ applies is determined by law. For more information, please refer to the website of the tax authority.

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For these articles and services, you, as the supplier, do not calculate any VAT for your sales contacts. Instead of this, your sales contacts must pay the VAT amount owed to the Tax Authority themselves.


In the purchase process, this means that the VAT duty is transferred to you as the purchasing organisation. You configure this in the purchase contacts from who you purchase the articles/services that have a transferred VAT duty. Furthermore, you register the correct VAT duty when entering the purchase invoices.

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