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Disband fiscal unit VAT declaration

You can disband a Fiscal Unit for the VAT declaration.


If you delete the last 'subadministration' of a valid FU, this will also disband the FU.

You can also (temporarily) make the main administration a subadministration from the administration settings. This will make all administrations that used to comprise a single FU into Subadministraties. There will be no more FU unless one of the administrations – or a new administration – is set as the main administration in the administration settings.

To unlink the main administration for fiscal unit VAT declaration:

  1. Open another administration from the status bar:

    At the bottom right in the status bar, click on the name of the open administration:

  2. Select the administration.
  3. Click on: OK.
  4. Go to: Financial / Management / Administration settings.
  5. Go to the tab: VAT.
  6. In Fiscal unit component, select Not a part of Fiscal Unit.

    This clears the FU VAT number fields and sets the Fiscal unit component fields to code Not a part of Fiscal Unit in the main administration and corresponding subadministrations.

  7. Click on: OK.
  8. Click on: Yes.  in order to reopen the administration.

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