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Submit a Purchase Invoice dossier item using OutSite

Your contact (the portal user) uses the customer or other portal to submit a purchase invoice as a dossier item with the PDF file of the invoice as an attachment.

If you use the Purchase Invoice workflow, you can process the purchase invoice further in Profit and InSite.

To submit the Purchase invoice dossier item using OutSite:

  1. Open the site.
  2. Log on with the user name and password.
  3. Click on: OK.
  4. Go to:Purchase invoice.

    OutSite may have been configured differently for you, in which case the description of the action deviates.

  5. Enter the subject.
  6. Enter the comment.
  7. Click on:Browse... for Attachment if you want to attach the PDF file for the invoice.
  8. Click on:Create.

The dossier item with the Post purchase invoice action is now added to the task list of the person who must enter the invoice. In this default workflow, this is the person who added the dossier item (the submitter). You can set this up differently in the workflow.

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