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Review purchase invoices in InSite/OutSite (purchase invoice workflow)

You can use the Purchase invoice workflow to track and monitor the purchase invoices of your organisation in InSite. The steps a purchase invoice follows are, for example, entry, review/approval and release for payment.

If you immediately add the purchase invoice file (PDF) as an attachment when entering the invoice, a dossier item is then automatically submitted and the Purchase invoice workflow is started. The purchase invoice is automatically blocked for payment to prevent it from being included in the payment file for the payment order. Only once the reviewer approves the purchase invoice is the purchase invoice unblocked for payment. After this, you can pay the purchase invoice (automatically).

You can add an additional step for the submission of purchase invoices by external parties via OutSite. Your contacts can use this step to submit a purchase invoice directly via the customer or other portal as a dossier item and link the PDF file for the invoice to the dossier item as an attachment. Via the Purchase invoice workflow, you can process the purchase invoice further in Profit and InSite.



The Purchase invoice (Profit) workflow supplied as default, has a very simple structure. It contains the minimum steps required to complete the process, i.e. the Post purchase invoice and the Approve purchase invoice steps. You can extend this workflow together with a consultant, for example with intermediate steps specific to your organisation.

The workflow works as follows:

An employee enters the purchase invoice in Profit Financial with the digital PDF file of the invoice as an attachment. You then link the invoice to the Purchase Invoice workflow using the Post purchase invoice action. The employee who is linked to this step, is automatically given the task of entering the purchase invoice. When this task is reported complete, the designated employee for this purpose can approve the invoice.

An example of this process is illustrated in the following diagram:

Fin_Inkoopfacturen beoordelen via InSite (10)

If you decide to use this workflow, you can use the Invoices in circulation function, provided that you have configured it. This is because you have already authorised the reviewers for purchase invoices. If you do not need a separate reviewer for approving purchase invoices, you can use the default options in the workflow.


  • If you use the Purchase invoice workflow, we recommend that you do not, or no longer use the Blocked invoices Profit function. That is because this functionality is part of this workflow. Furthermore, Invoices to assess used in addition to this workflow results in ambiguities about who within the organisation is authorised to review and approve a certain invoice.
  • The employees you identify when you enter a purchase invoice must also be Profit users. This is important when Profit transfers the workflow task to the reviewer. This person must of course also be able to use Profit.

  • Configure the review of purchase invoices using InSite/OutSite
  • Configure workflow

    The user you designate as the reviewer, approves the purchase invoice. We recommend that you authorise at the (user) group level, and to make the responsible employees members of this group. This way a different user in the group can replace the reviewer and take over this person's tasks. You set this up in the workflow.



Complete purchase invoices from InSite