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Review/approve purchase invoices via InSite

You approve the purchase invoices in InSite as soon as they have been entered. Only the user who has been recorded as a reviewer in the workflow configuration can see the dossier item with the purchase invoice. Thus the dossier item is the user's task: he or she has to complete it.

The specific Approve purchase invoice action in the workflow ensures that the purchase invoice is unblocked for payment and can be included in the payment order.

If you record a substitute in profit HR for absence of the reviewer due to leave or illness, then the substitute receives this workflow task and not the reviewer. In that case you must have configured the reviewer substitution.


The substitute is only used for new invoices that you enter and not for reviews already in progress. That is because Profit cannot substitute the responsible person for the existing dossier items in a workflow.

To review and approve an invoice in InSite using the workflow:

  1. Open the site.
  2. Log on with the username and password.
  3. You can also start InSite as follows:
  4. Go to: Openstaande taken.
  5. Double-click on the Instuurdatum column if you want to sort the tasks by date.
  6. Open the purchase invoice you want to review.

    The details of the purchase invoice are displayed and under the financial entries you see the corresponding journal entry for the purchase invoice.

  7. Scroll down in the screen to see the PDF attachment of the purchase invoice.
  8. Add a new response, if applicable. You can use a response template for this purpose.

    In the top right corner under Workflow, you can choose from default actions and actions that specifically belong to this workflow. When you approve an invoice, you make it available for payment.

    If you do not approve it, the invoice remains blocked. Use the Declines purchase invoice (back to entry) action to return the task to the person who entered the invoice, for example if the entry is not correct.

    If you are the reviewer's substitute and do not have the capacity or responsibility to review an invoice, you use the Delegate action to delegate the task to someone else.

  9. Click on the action: Approve purchase invoice.
  10. Click on: Confirm.

The dossier item is no longer displayed in InSite. The task has been completed. This also completes the workflow and the invoice is released for payment.

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