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Break down allocated amounts

You break down allocated amounts based on a preconfigured distribution by percentages.The breakdown creates entries Profit puts in the journal you specified in the administration settings.


You can run the allocation for a specific period once. Therefore, we recommend that you make a backup after the configuration and test the actual distribution in this backup. So, you complete the following steps:

  • Configure your live environment according to the procedure described below.
  • After this, make a backup of the live environment.
  • Run the Financial / Allocation / Break down allocation function in this backup. Use this function to break down the allocated costs.
  • Check the final result using the provided views and reports.

    If the final result is good, then break down the costs in the live environment. If not, first adjust the configuration in the live environment. After this, follow the above procedure again. Use this approach until you are certain that the configuration is good.

To break down allocated amounts:

  1. Go to:Financial / Allocation / Break down allocation.
  2. Complete the fields.

    The amounts are automatically broken down up to and including the year and period.

  3. Click on: Finish.

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