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View entries on cost centres

You can use different overviews and reports to view cost centre entries. Use the list of balances to compare the balances of the cost centre entries for different periods.


Cost centre list of balances allocation per axis

The list of balances displays the cost centre entries in a specific period.

To view the allocation per axis:

In this example you view the allocation entries for the first quarter of the current financial year.

  1. Go to: Financial / Allocation / Allocation per axis.

  2. Select the Comparison check box if you want to compare the data for two financial years.
  3. Click on: Finish.

    Profit displays a view with the balances in which, for example, you can make selections. The Balance column contains the balances for the selected year while Compare balance contains the balances from the financial year for comparison.

  4. Double-click on a line to view the underlying entries.

Entries by cost centre allocation code

Entries per allocation code:

Retrieve the entries via the properties of an allocation code.

  1. Go to:  Financial / Allocation / Allocation code.
  2. Open the properties of a cost centre.
  3. Go to the tab: Entries or Balances.
  4. Click on: OK.

View reports

The software comes standard with various reports on allocation.

To view reports:

  1. Go to: Financial / Output / Report.
  2. You can view the following reports:
    • Allocated operations summary (Profit)
    • Allocated ledger card (Profit)
    • Allocated extended trial balance (Profit)
    • Allocated trial balance (Profit)
    • Allocated list of balances per axis/code/account (Profit)
    • Allocated list of balances per axis/account/code (Profit)
    • Outstanding items creditors axis 1 (Profit)
    • Outstanding items creditors with foreign currency on axis 1 (Profit)
    • Outstanding items debtors axis 1 (Profit)
    • Outstanding items debtors with foreign currency on axis 1 (Profit)
  3. Complete the fields.
  4. Click on: Finish.

Directly to

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