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Post entries to cost centres

To post entries to cost centres:

  1. Follow the procedure for adding entries.
  2. Select the cost centre (last field in the entry layout).

    You must select a cost centre if you allocate entries to the selected account. You set this up in the properties of a ledger account.

  3. Click on the action: Allocate.

    Profit shows a new entry layout.

    1. Select the desired cost centre.
    2. Enter the percentage of the line amount that you want to enter on this cost centre. Profit determines the amount (and if applicable the quantity if you are entering quantities as well). You can also enter the amount directly, in which case Profit determines the percentage.
    3. Click on: Next.  to add a line or on Finish to exit posting to cost centres.

    The total of the percentages must come to 100%. At the bottom of the window, you see how much you have left to distribute in order to come to 100%.

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