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In Profit, customers are referred to as ‘debtor’ in the financial administration.


The debtors and prospects are recorded in Profit as sales contacts. You can easily convert a prospect into a debtor by specifying that the prospect has the Debtor status and then entering the missing financial data, such as the payment condition, VAT duty and the summary account.

Sales_Verkooprelatie/debiteur (Beschr) (10)

A sales contact is always based on an organisation or person. You record general information such as name, search name, address, postal address and communications data at the organisation or person level. For the sales relation you record specific information that is required for invoicing and invoice payment.

Some data for invoicing is recorded at a higher level, in the sales contact profile. This is data such as the journal for journalising invoices, collection of packing slips/invoices and reports that are used for the order process and the invoices. You record this data in a sales contact profile and then link the sales contact profile to the relevant sales contact/debtor.


If you want to add a new prospect, you create a new sales contact (at that point, do not select the Is debtor check box). You add this sales contact without selecting the Prospect or Debtor check box.

Now, if you create a forecast or cost estimate for the sales contact, this contact automatically becomes a prospect.

A quotation for a sales contact does not automatically change the contact into a prospect.

You can manage the existing prospects by selecting Order Management / Sales / Sales contact. Select the Prospects view (this view is supplied as a default view).



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