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Add, process and send a refund set

A refund set consists of one or more refunds. The functionality is similar to that of a payment order set. You follow the same procedure as for the single refund orders for debtors. You add a refund set, process it and generate the payment file, in this case from the specific start menu path for refund sets.

To add, process and send a refund set:

  1. Go to: Financial / Debtor / Refund set.
  2. Click on: New.
  3. Select a value for Bank group for which you collect and pay payment orders.

    The bank groups are split by bank since bank-specific software needs to read the bank file. An exception to this is if you are using the service of a party that can split the bank orders by bank (for example Equens).


    You can only process administrations for which you are authorised. If you add a payment order set for a bank group that contains administrations you are not authorised for, then the result will not contain the orders for the relevant administrations.

  4. You complete the same fields as for the default procedure for adding single refund orders.

    An exception to this is the Max. assignment amount field. This field is missing. A refund order set contains refund orders for multiple bank account numbers (administrations). It offers no added value here to enter a maximum amount, as is possible with a single refund order.

  5. Click on: Finish.

    Following the addition, the status of the payment order set is Not processed.

  6. Click on the action: Process refund.

    With this action you generate the physical payment file (SEPA). This file contains a batch of all of the underlying payment orders with the status Not processed or In progress.

  7. Print the order letter and payment specification using the Order letter and Payment differentiation actions.

    Per payment order, Profit uses the report that has been configured for the bank account number of the administration concerned (of the bank account number).

  8. Send the file to the bank.

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