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Configure a creditor for payment specification by e-mail

At the creditor level you can specify that you want to send the payment specification by e-mail.

To configure a creditor for payment specification by e-mail:

  1. Go to: Financial / Creditor / Creditor.
  2. Open the properties of the creditor.
  3. Check if the Work e-mail has been completed.

    If you want to use the e-mail address of the contact person, complete the Work e-mail field on the Contacts tab in the properties of the contact person.

  4. Go to the tab: General.
  5. Check or change the preferred supply type and preferred contact.

    If you want to deviate from this, you can set up a different supply type and different contact person for each specific report to be issued on the Digital tab.

  6. Go to the tab: Payment and select the Automatic payment andPayment specification check boxes. Lines that are not compressed will not appear on the payment specification.
  7. Go to the tab: Digital.
  8. Click on the action: Maintain.

    At the top of the entry layout you can see the general settings concerning the supply type and contact for this creditor.

  9. In Report type:, select Payment specification.
  10. Select the supply type Print and e-mail PDF.
  11. Select the contact person you want to e-mail the payment specification to.

    If an e-mail address has not been set for this contact person, Profit will use the general e-mail address of the creditor.

  12. Click on: Finish.
  13. Click on: OK.

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