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Set up the report layout for the order letter, payment proposal and payment specification

Profit supplies default report layouts for the order letter, proposal and creditor payment specification. You can change these reports to suit your requirements. For example, you can add your company logo or the Integrity feature checksum. The Integrity feature field is a checksum, a hash check, that Profit calculates based on the account numbers and amounts in the file.


The Integrity feature field can only be displayed on the report if you have specified in the bank account number properties that hash checking is used. You set this up using General / Configuration / Payment settings / Bank account, tab Bank account. This feature is then displayed on the report for the order letter for the payment order made in SEPA. The payment order must have been processed (In progress status). Otherwise the value of the integrity feature is not entered.

You can first copy the default report layout and then change the copy. You can also use report management to add a report yourself.
In the properties of your bank account number, you link the required report for the order letter, proposal and payment specification.

To set up the report layout for the order letter, proposal and payment specification:

  1. Go to: Financial / Output / Management / Report.
  2. Select the report.

    Fin_Rapportlay-out opdrachtbrief, betaalvoorstel en betaalspecificatie instellen

  3. Click on the action: Copy.
  4. Enter a name for the report.
  5. The remaining fields are important for the authorisation.
  6. Click on: Finish.

    Profit opens the Report generator and you can immediately start working in the report layout.

  7. Add fields to the report, for example the Integrity feature field.
  8. You can also add an image or logo to the report.
  9. Go to: Document / Exit.
  10. Click on Yes to save the report.

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