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Make an automatic international payment

You can make automatic creditor payments to international bank account numbers as long as you pay through a bank in the Netherlands. Profit supports the BTL91 and CODA (Belgium only) file formats. Most Dutch banks support these formats. You can submit both regular payment orders and cheque payments.

The BTL91 file format is intended for international payments in euros or other currencies to creditors outside of the Eurozone and the SEPA XML file format is intended for SEPA payments in euros.

The procedure for processing a payment order with international payments is the same as that for domestic payments. When adding the payment order, you can use the Payment method and Currency criteria to determine for which specific creditors you want to perform an international payment. With this, you can make payments to creditors in a foreign currency (for example Dollars).

You need to configure the bank account number and the creditor(s) concerned for foreign payment.

Payment order with payments in foreign currency:

  1. Go to: Financial / Creditor / Payment order.
  2. Click on: New.
  3. Complete the fields. for the Payment Order.
    1. Select International payments and all payments in foreign currency (4) in Payment method if you want to make the payment in a foreign currency (for example, dollars) and want to include all foreign currencies (using this payment method, you cannot select a specific currency). Select Payments in foreign currency (2) if you want to select a specific foreign currency.

      The payment method you select here must match the Payment method you have set for the creditors in question. The outstanding invoices of all these creditors are then included in the payment order.

    2. You can select a currency code in Currency, for example USD. This depends on the selected payment method (all or per foreign currency).
  4. Click on: Next.
  5. Click on: Finish.

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    The procedure is the same as with domestic payments. When adding the payment order you can decide on the basis of the Payment method and Currency criteria to which specific creditors you want to make an international payment.


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