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Add a serial article

A serial article is a special type of article of which every example is given a unique serial number.

In the article properties you can specify whether or not it is mandatory to enter a serial number. This is why it can happen that the numbers in stock do not match with the number of serial numbers. You can also use a setting in the entry layout to make the serial number mandatory.

To add a serial article:

  1. Go to: Order Management / Item / Article.
  2. Click on: New.
  3. Enter an Item code and a Description.
  4. Select the Changeable description check box if, for example, you still want to be able to change the description when adding an order.
  5. Select the Article group the article belongs to. Per article group, you record how Profit should process purchases and sales in Profit Financieel.
  6. Select the Track stock check box because you usually have or receive articles with serial numbers in stock.
  7. Select the Basic unit. You can record one basic unit for a serial article.
  8. Select the VAT rate group. Based on this, among other things, Profit determines the VAT for the invoice.
  9. Click on: Next.
  10. Select Serial number item in Article type.
  11. Complete the remaining fields.
  12. Click on: Finish.

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