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Enter wage entries

You can post wage entries to wage components that apply to employees on an irregular basis or for which the value in each wage period is or can be different.


You cannot add or change wage entries if the wage year is blocked in the HR/Payroll period table.

You can import wage entries by selecting .

Entering wage entries:

  1. Go to: HR / Payroll / Enter wage entry.
  2. Select the entry layout:
    • Wage entries per wage component (Profit)

      If you want to post to a single wage component for different employees.

    • Wage entries per employee (Profit)

      If you want to post to different wage components for a single employee.

  3. Click on: OK.
  4. Select the employer.
  5. Select the employee; this field is only available if you selected the Wage entries per employee (Profit) entry layout.
  6. Select the period table.

    You can only select a period table if a salary processing plan exists for the selected employer.

  7. Specify the year and period of the entry.
  8. Click on the action: F5. Select.

    Profit activates the section containing the entry lines. Any entry lines recorded previously are displayed as well.

  9. Add the wage entry. The key information is explained below:
    1. Enter the entry date in Date. This field initially contains the system date, but you can change this.
    2. Select the wage component in LC.

      The wage component that can be changed at the entry program level is now displayed.

      Profit CLAs are supplied with a default configuration that is maintained by AFAS. To make a distinction between the default configuration and your own configuration, you see your own wage components in a different colour (purple).

    3. Enter the value for the wage entry in Value.

      If you post multiple wage entries for an employee on the same wage component and the employee has a fixed value at employee level for the wage component in question, Profit calculates the fixed value twice. To prevent this, you can prevent duplicate wage entries

    4. Enter a deviating description for the wage entry in Dev. description.
  10. Click on the action: Wage slip.

    Profit performs a pro forma calculation and then displays the pay slip.

  11. Click on: Finish.

    You have completed the variable wage entry.

  12. Click on: Cancel. This cancels the entry layout.


    The reason that Profit does not display a wage entry in the salary processing can be as follows:

  • You did not properly configure the entry of a deviating value.
  • You only entered days, while the calculation also requires the posted hours. If the 'Prorata op basis van dagen' parameter is set to No, you need to enter the hours in addition to days. You check the value of this parameter in the calculation component.

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