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Purchase price

You add the purchase price as the basic price for your items. Profit adds the purchase prices automatically to the basic price list delivered as default.



In the price level structure, the purchase price has the lowest priority. This means that if a price is recorded at a higher level, for example in a price list, this price then has priority over the basic purchase price.

The purchase prices are always added to the basic price list that is available as a default in Profit.

The wizard for adding a price is the same whether you are adding a purchase price or adding a price to a price list or adding a price agreement at the purchase contact level,

You maintain purchase prices using the Profit entry program. This provides an overview of existing prices and you can change existing prices or add new prices quickly and easily.


  • Configuration

    As a deviation from the default, you can specify that a discount is subtracted directly from the price before it is multiplied with Number.


  • Add a purchase price

    When you add a purchase price for an item, you enter the item, the unit, the currency and the start date for the new purchase price. If you add the price in this way, you run through all the fields for the price which is not the case if you add prices using the entry layout.

  • Maintain a purchase price

    You can also maintain purchase prices using an entry layout. You then have an overview of (a selection of) all current purchase prices and you can add new prices directly. This gives you the option to add multiple purchase prices from within one window, the entry layout.

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