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Configure prices/discounts

To ensure that the use of prices and discounts happens correctly, you can specify a number of settings.



Among other things, you can specify the maximum discount to give away and the minimum margin for a sold item.

You can also configure how and what prices and discounts apply for a sales contact. In addition, you can also specify when you want to deduct a discount from the price (before or after multiplying by the quantity).


  • Check the maximum discount and minimum margin

    In the entry layout, you can set whether to block orders if the discount amount is above or the sales margin is below a certain amount. You can configure this for the order and the quotation.

  • Configure prices/discounts for a sales contact

    For the sales contact, you can configure how you want the prices and discounts to apply.

  • Line and invoice discount

    In each line of the entry layout, you can manually change the article discount; this is what we call the Line discount. Apart from the line discount, you can also give a discount on the entire invoice; we call this the Invoice discount.

  • Set up price/discount rounding

    As a deviation from the default, you can specify that a discount is subtracted directly from the price before it is multiplied with Number.

  • Add a discount and price per sales contact

    You can add prices and discounts per sales contact. Prices and discounts for the sales contact are the highest level and as such always have priority over all other prices and discounts for an item/article.

  • Activate volume discount/price (sales)

    Before you can use volume prices and discounts you must first activate the Bulk prices and discounts functionality.

  • Price at current rate

    If you work with foreign currencies, you can have prices converted at fixed exchange rates, and/or have them calculated at current rates.

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